• Virgin Holidays Mobile
    Site goes live

  • Auto Call-back delivers better customer service

    • Avoid long call queues/staffing nightmares

    • IVR technology manages call scheduling

    • Call-back can requested through many channels; SMS, App, mWeb,Voice, Email...

  • Fly away with the London Luton Mobile Site

    • Delivers website tailored to airport visitors

    • Lists live flight arrival and departure times

    • Contains all shopping, security and journey planner information

  • Visit the website at m.london-luton.co.uk

    • The site has had 1.3 million visitors since launch

    • 34% of all Luton website visits are mobile

    • Read our London Luton Case Study

  • 'White label' loyalty card
    app for retail clients

    • Fully-featured loyalty card hybrid application

    • Loyalty scheme features can be tailored from a menu of options to reflect the card scheme

    • Cross-platform (OS) app availability

  • Monsoon loyalty card app: always up-to-date

    • Content changes can be updated over the air

    • Never forget your 'card' and less purse clutter!

    • Real-time points balance, vouchers and history

    • Read more about the Monsoon Loyalty App

  • Trackable QR codes for accurate measurement

    • Create individual, unique print quality codes

    • Batch create hundreds of thousands of codes

    • Track with URLs, customer IDs. web tokens etc

    • Change the URL: no need for new QR code!

  • QR codes deep-link ads to optimised product pages

    • Unique codes per ad, granular tracking of responses

    • QRs deep-linked to page of advertised product

    • Link to: website, video, apps, social sites etc

    • The Virgin Holidays transcoded site ensures that all holiday locations, listings and offers found on desktop can also be accessed on mobile devices.

  • “Please hold, your call is important to us…” Auto Call-back helps call centres smooth call volumes and better manage staffing levels.

    • Luton Airport asked Incentivated to create a mobile optimised website, with the aim of reaching passengers on the move.

    • The Luton mobile site provides live flight and arrival times, travel, shopping and parking information all within one or two clicks.

  • We've lost count of the brands & retailers that have disappeared, over the past 10 years because they failed adapt to online. Mobile is an even bigger opportunity.

    • Survey results from 26,000 UK customers led Ikano Financial Services to request a loyalty card app which could be provided to their retail clients.

    • Fashion retailer Monsoon has been the first client to adopt the app. Customers can sign up and join within the app, or register and use an existing card.

    • Incentivated’s barcode generator can be used to create print quality barcodes from many unique destination URLs, customer IDs, web tokens and so on.

    • Incentivated’s barcode generator can be used to create print quality barcodes from many unique destination URLs, customer IDs, web tokens and so on.

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